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  • First Day

    The First Day of School will be Monday, August 24th, 2015.

    We look foward to seeing you again!

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  • New Cell Phone Policy

    There is a new cell phone policy here at South Providence.

    Level 4 students are now the only students allowed to carry a cellphone with them during the school day.

    Students on level 1, 2, or 3 will be asked to leave the cell phone at home, or lock it up durring school hours.

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  • Inspirational speaker Preston Centuolo

    On September 17, South Providence School was delighted to welcome inspirational speaker Preston Centuolo to speak at its first assembly of the year. Preston delivered a powerful message to South Providence’s students who are faced with tough obstacles every day. His message was simple and clear and delivered “a fresh outlook, helping youth find renewed hope and direction in spite of pressing circumstances.

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  •  Flag procedure

    Flag Procedure

    Team Phoenix returns for another school year with ambition, determination and excellence in mind. Raising and lowering the United States flag is one of the most important roles that our students have embraced this year. Jacob Boeving, a junior, is involved in extracurricular activities, including the Monroe Police Department Explorer Program, Post 262. Jacob was trained on flag procedures and understands the significance of this honorable responsibility.

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  •  Team Phonix

    Team Phoenix 2015-2016

    When Mr. Howard, the new principal of South Providence School dismissed the staff from the first part of the “welcome back to school” program they were not sure what was going to come next. The walk down hall to the café included an assorted mix of questioning comments but as soon as the first person entered the café, their curiosity was piqued and everyone found a place to sit down. The SPS staff didn’t know that they were about to create a unique painting that would embody their personal vision of hope. The theme assigned for SPS was a heart, which allowed them to create their own, positive affirmation for their students and peers.

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