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  • AIG students research change over time

    In AIG we have been working on developing our research skills, just as other 4th and 5th grade readers and writers do. However, with our curriculum in mind, we have these five generalizations of change that we keep in mind no matter what we are talking about.

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  • Writing with 1st Graders

    Mrs. Reeder's class is very excited about their new writing unit. They are learning to write opinions with detailed reasons. To make their writing more exciting students were able to bring in a collection from home. Students are enjoying writing about their collections. Students are placing their collections in order from their favorite to least favorite and giving detail reasons why they think this way. Mrs. Reeder's class is also learning about the opinions of others as they share their collections.

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  • Mrs. Pope’s Kindergarten Learned about Faraway Places at the Annual Union International Festival

    December 16 was International Day at Union! The Kindergarten students in Mrs. Pope’s class had a great time learning about different countries!! The students visited Russia and made paper models of Russian nesting dolls. They also visited a room where they learned about clothing from around the world. Scotland, England, and China were some of the countries that were represented.

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